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The Load Order For Beginners and Advanced Users X1 Optimised Official Thread

The Load Order Beginners & Advanced Information Thread - X1 Optimised

Ever notice how you randomly CTD for no discernable reason? Ever been told it's your "load order" but you follow a strict guide and still get a crash? My team and I are here to help. The team members include my right hand Champion DuarteVader, RebelAlliance, Bodza, Barbarian 7, and campolo313, We will help you succeed at building your favourite game plays. 

9 times out 10 your crash is being caused by a "dirty" mod. These are mods that have been improperly imported from 32bit to 64bit and weren't cleaned in xEdit. Even mods made in 64bit need to be cleaned! Changes from USSEP should always carry over even if USSEP isn't a requirement.  There is no ifs and ands or buts about it- we MA’s and OMA’s must clean our mods!

Don't worry about your categories or slots, instead focus on reading what the mod changes and place it accordingly. 

For instance - M'rissi's Tales of Troubles edits the Alchemist Shack area so you don't want to have a mod with a house there. If a mod edits the area, like adds bandits or guards, place M'rssi under it.  Doesn't matter where it is, as long as you follow that.


Mods loaded last are the winners of the race. Whatever edits they have take center stage and the game ignores any other edits.

General Guideline For X1 Users:

Master Files - such as USSEP o r Campfire

Foundations  - This includes things like Survival Patches or Ars Metalica or Cutting Room Floor

Quest Alterations - Such as Paarthanax Dilema or Gildergreen Regrown

Menu /Font Changes Such as Sovngarde Font by Mist

Pure Crafting items/Craftables Such as Northborn Furn Hoods or Better Bows Integrated

Perk Overhauls Such as Ordinator

Magic Overhauls Such as Apocalypse 

Magic Spells that are added by crafting only, magic spells that add books IN CELLS OR THE WORLD can usually be placed  anywhere UNDER another mod that changes the room/area.

Leveled Lists Pick Just One! This includes mods like MLU. If you have a mod that has crafting + leveled list, always place it ABOVE major leveled list overhauls so that your lists are consistent and you can still craft the items

Item Changes - Such as stats on weapons or name changes

Audio - Sound/Music Changes


Idle/Animation changes - ONLY USE ONE TYPE OF IDLE CHANGE AT A TIME. Do NOT remove Idles   during a current save game.

Skin Mesh & Textures - you should only pick one. Picking more than 1 causes neckseams and overlaps.

Mesh and Texture Fixes - such as Old Kingdom Armours or Weapons, Skyland, Graphics Packs

Grass/Flora Changes - This is for grass mods like Veydosebrom, not just texture files

NPC AI mods - such as Follower Overhauls or My Home is Your Home

Immersion Mods, such as Immersive Citizens or Wet and Cold

NPCS facial changes Mods like Divine People Overhaul edit NPC facial structures to make sure they don't look stupid

Interior Lighting Mods/ Interior Decorating mods

Exterior Location Placement Single Edits (Such as modifications to Mixwater Mill or Animal Placements)

Exterior Location Placement Multiple Edits (large overhauls like M Rens or Divine Cities)

Gameplay Mechanics such as Wildcat, Smilodon, Mortal Enemies, Better Detection AI 

Unique Follower mods such as Inigo

Quest Mods with Area Edits & NPCS

Map Mods such as Quality World Map and any patches to go with it - other mods that edit the roads will not be seen by the map so this is a safe place to put it.

Specialized Mods that require the lowest possible order due to specific requirements - such as Alternate Start LaL and Colour Patches Remover

What about leveled lists?!!!

You should only have ONE type of loot modification mod and ONE type of creature level/delevel mod. More than that and you're just being silly. Because X1 users have zero way to Bash their mods together, a leveled list will overwrite another. Don’t use two mods that adds new items unless it has self contained script to inject new items or has a pure crafting menu. Mods such as WiC does it right because you get to craft all the items and there are ZERO conflicts. Note: If you have a mod that does both, but you like another mod that’s a standalone loot OR creature mod, place that standalone under the other and it -should- work. 

And since Arthmoor gave me his stamp of approval, seen here, I'm gonna say this is pretty darn good. 

But I'm still crashing D:

You have a dirty mod or you aren't reading the description properly. If 2 of your mods both edit Belethor's Goods, don't load both of them, pick the one you like most and use it. Try the next one on another playthrough. The point is YOU are responsible for your playtime. So pick what really interests you and go for it. 

But um..what about PC users...?!

PC users have had the privilege of their own load orders + xEdit and Wrye Bash to help them. This thread is exclusively for X1 users and to an extent , PS4 users. Do not come here to argue or claim ‘your’ way is better. Your load order will rarely be the same as another person so please be respectful towards one another. 


I got you covered. Go to google.com and in your google drive, create a new spreadsheet. Click on: https://goo.gl/DPwS8B and copy to that spreadsheet. Now you can fill out your mods :) 

Proper Load Order Help Lists for X1 Users:

Please make sure you use a separate utility such as googledocs, or pastebin to post a LINK to your load order. Do not spam the forum thread with it. It gets messy so keep it classy, keep it clean.

Proper Removal and Updating of X1 Mods:

Removal should always to be followed by a hard reset, installation / updates should be ok with a simple exit to dashboard, but hard reseting, or at least restarting the X1, is the foolproof method for all mods and X1 models

This thread is a reflection of years of modding Skyrim, being an OMA and you know, something to be said with Arthmoor, Destroyer of Bugs, approves an LO. You won't get that service anywhere else :)

Official LO Leaders:

DuarteVader (Just Vader to you)

Anyone else giving advice here without clearance should be taken with a grain of salt ;)

Just reiterating the most important thing Tarshana said in her post. You do not necessarily need to focus on categories, slots or anything like that. Save a few exceptions (custom follower mods, for example, are usually best placed below), this is helpful only to 'label' mods in your own head, nothing else. The above list should be seen, for the most part, as a general guide only. Just because you have texture mods placed anywhere else, it doesn't mean you're going to crash or experience FPS loss. The main things to consider here are:

- Think for yourself. Read the mod description carefully, and then look at your own LO and see if you have anything that could potentially affect the same area, item, NPC, etc. Normally, the fewer mods you have affecting the same things in your LO, the better;

- As a general rule, mods that are below will prevail. This is particularly true in case of mods that alter the same meshes or textures. The ones you have below will overwrite the ones you have above. This is NOT a conflict, it's an overlap. The vast majority of times, you can still use the mods together with no issues;

- Mods that don't seem related may still conflict with each other. This is likely to happen if, for example, one of the mods is 'dirty' and affects something it shouldn't affect. Like Tarshana said, this is, hands down, the cause for most LO problems.

We are all here to help, but this thread isn't meant as a crutch. It's meant to empower you to understand for yourself how load orders work on Xbox. We all know it can be daunting at first, we've all been there, and we have all learned from our mistakes and from our own trials and errors. That is precisely why we have put this together. This thread isn't meant for you to drop your LO here and just expect someone else to fix it all for you. It is to help you gain the necessary understanding and knowledge to do it yourself. The more responsibility you take for your own LO, the more you'll understand it. Eventually, the time will come when you will simply do it out of instinct. 

Also, these first posts we reserved may likely receive updates on a fairly regular basis, including LO guideline docs, advice, new input, etc. So keep an eye out for that.

This is the foolproof method of hard reseting on all Xbox models:

1) From the dashboard menu, press the power button on the console itself until it shuts down;

2) Wait until Xbox goes completely silent (there will still be a slight humming while clearing the cache, it will usually take about 20 seconds to go completely silent);

3) Unplug Xbox from wall socket (this is only a safety measure and not always necessary, but it doesn't hurt to see it as part of the main process);

4) Plug back in and turn the Xbox on again

A very easy way for you to send us a link to your Load Order, especially if you don't have Dropbox or Google Docs set up yet, is to use Text Uploader, where you can basically just type in your LO, click Submit, and paste the link it gives you here.


Please note we can only vouch for the LO advice the team here gives you. Those members are all included in Tarshana's OP under Official LO Leaders. We cannot be held accountable for advice, suggestions or opinions given by other members outside the team, and we may not always be able to pick up on wrong or distorted information. It is entirely your prerogative to listen to said advice or not, but we are not responsible for and may not necessarily agree with it.

Good evening everyone,

Like all the other board leaders ( @Tarshana, @DuarteVader, @FillyFae, @campolo313, @Barbarian7, @DissonantValues, @Bodza) we're here to help. 

This system is different than the last, as we all feel it's important to promote and encourage critical thought when arranging your load orders. 

There isn't one mod - other than USSEP - that is set in a particular place. I have taken the liberty to create a template as well as an example of my current load order. These items can be found within my profile - they are linked.

Please feel free to share and ask. This board is for asking and answering questions. Having said that, we ask that you do your part in reading the description of the mods you're wanting to use.

Take care, have fun and enjoy


- Skyrim is Windy conflicts with other Ingrediant mods

- Disable Godrays will conflict with any weather/atmosphere mod. This is because many MA's use Godrays for shading. 

- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul needs to be placed (per request of the MA) below Alternate Start

- Lore and Gender Heights conflicts with Different Race Mods

Hey everyone!

In my spot I'm going to keep a list, of mods I am currently testing within my own, personal load order. If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask.

Actually feel free to ask our team about any mods. Between us all we have a huge amount of mod knowledge, we're here to help, keep it simple and fun.

Mods I am currently testing in my personal list:

[Load Order under major renovation]

Reserved - Party of 4 at 7PM

This isn't rocket science.

Present and accounted for. If you're new to Skyrim modding completely and need an idea of what the more popular mods are/what they do, that's what I'm here for.

Important Reminder: 

Before we even get started it's very important to note that your Load Order will never look exactly like another user. Each will be unique based on needs and preference. By the very nature of how we use mods, this means it's very difficult to soldify a concrete place for any mod. 

Masterfiles: These are your few mods that will auto-populate at the top of your LO because of their  importance. These are mods like:

  • Climates of Tamriel
  • Campfire

After these mods auto-populate at the top its the goal to organize the rest in a way that maintains stability, gameplay, and causes as little to be overwritten as possible. 

Building From the Ground Up or Likelihood Loading?

After you've chosen your masterfiles its time to install some mods and choose how you'll organize them. There are two schools of doing this each with their own benefits.

  1. Building from the ground up is very similar to previous LO methods in that you treat the game engine as "building the world" of Skyrim. Your large mods come first that overhaul the entire game. Afterwards come things like landscape and foliage that as they're added to the game continue to "build" it. 
  2. Likelihood loading is organizing your LO in a way that prioritizes what will likely be overwritten. In general weapons and armor are the least likely to be overwritten so they are loaded first, followed by crafted items, etc. 

Important Reminder: These are all guidelines to improving your game and modding experience. Nothing is set in stone and you'll likely be mixing and matching your preferred mods based on what you want. 

Along with the rest of the users on this thread we can give our personal experiences and expertise concerning the mods to hopefully help you better understand your game. 

My personal Load Order is included in my signature and for newer users I've included a brief description of each mod I use. Certain aspects like whether a mod runs a script, important information and compatibility have all been included in my Load Order. In the future it will be updated with direct links to each mod for your convenience. 


Disclaimer: This thread is not to be interpreted as a place where you can dump your LO and expect it to be sorted. Open dialogue and discussions is accepted and in fact encouraged! However, to keep clutter to a minimum we stress that while we're more than happy to assist you after you've organized your Load Order so others can learn, no one will be doing that work for you. 

UPDATES: Water is wet. 

Reserved for @Bodza 

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Reserved - Party of 4 at 7PM

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Reserved - Party of 4 at 7PM
 *looks over...HEY! Are you here for the free food too? I was told that there was going to be free food...*

A half eaten Entenmann's strudel and cold coffee. They're gonna love us. 

I feel like I have been gone for far too long on Bethesda boards. Glad to be back

It's okay guys you can post your current load order and we can show you how to logically move them around : ) In a couple days you won't even need this thread anymore :D

Give me a moment to read over your load order...

It's the X - MEN!!

@rebelalliance said:

Give me a moment to read over your load order...

 You missed a golden opportunity for a sweet comment like:

"Your Load Order is currently being reviewed by one of our Official Load Order Leaders, please enjoy the brief history lessons by @DissonantValues while you wait"

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Lab Rat's LO
Good boy: https://goo.gl/cQK1wM

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Hello, kind ladies and gentlemen. A moment of your time to critique my load order?