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No subtitles or sound when talking

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I just installed the game and I had music in the introduction and the helicopter ride, but I am unable to get any sound or even subtitles (I have subtitles set on). Nobody's mouths are moving, nothing. There are no other updates showing available. Anyone know of anything that might help? 

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Have the same issue, tried a number of different methods to try and fix.. 

Nothing as of yet.. 

I've created a post on here with DVR and other information. 

It would help to contact the support team by mail with video and further information and post about it on here to try and give them a nudge. 

I only got the game yesterday, no dialogue so far apart from cut scenes and around 9 hours in now. 

Everything else is as if it's not even coded. 

Or a bad pathway. 

Hope this gets sorted soon, surely they should be aware by now and should bump it up on the old priorities list. 

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ive just figured if you uninstall prey and redownload using intetnet instead of disk it works.  There is some kind of corrupted code on the disk (xbox) completely take disk out before reinstalling.  Hope this helps 

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Thank you SO much, you fixed my game. More people need to see this, this is the only fix that works.

Thanks again

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I just got the game how do I do what u said and install it without using the disk 

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I've also got this no speech issue, how do you download without the disk?