Before the next Closed Beta test event begins tomorrow at 10am ET, we wanted to discuss our plans for this test event. Last week, we held a shorter beta after deploying some backend fixes that helped us to gauge game stability. We got great results, and have implemented some additional backend updates to help us continue testing in order to improve stability. We received a lot of great feedback from last weekend’s test, and we’d appreciate hearing more about your play experiences during this test. This weekend’s test will continue until 4pm ET on Sunday.

Patch Notes:


  •         Fixed an issue where a stutter could occur during a spike in performance


  •         Fixed “fragged by” appearing on-screen after a suicide
  •         Removed Rocket Launcher balcony in Ruins of Sarnath
  •         Fixed Duel start poses in Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath
  •         Improved item placement in Duel in Ruins of Sarnath
  •         Fixed an issue when a Champion’s vanity item persisted on a scene after their death


  •         The health bar will now be colored white if player has less than a half bar remaining
  •         Fixed an issue where sliders remained red after interacting with them in the menu
  •         Boot up sequence order changed

Champions Balance:

  •         Slash's Max AP has been buffed + 25 AP
  •         Slash's trail lifetime has been decreased to 3 seconds
  •         Slash's active ability duration has been decreased to 2 seconds
  •         Galena's Unholy Totem's health has been buffed to 50 HP
  •         Clutch's acceleration steps have been reworked to allow him to accelerate faster
  •         Visor’s air acceleration has increased (+10%), so he gains speed faster using strafe jumps.
  •         Galena's basic speed has been increased up to 300
  •         Scalebearer’s passive ability tweaked acceleration steps


  •         Fixed random gameplay crash in Sacrifice mode
  •         Fixed rare crash when clicking on the Play button

Mouse sensitivity improvements:

  •         Mouse acceleration option has been added to Options Screen
  •         Mouse sensitivity now closer to Quake Live. Updated range is 1-30.
  •         M-filter added in Options Screen

Known Issues:

  •         No in-menu notification about completed challenges
  •         When sudden death happens in Duel, sudden death text won’t appear in HUD
  •         Black doors in Blood Covenant in DM and TDM