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Livestream w/ Tim Willits & ZeRo4: May 18, 12pm ET

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We are excited to host our first Quake Champions livestream on Twitch, featuring id Software's Tim Willits and esports manager John "ZeRo4" Hill! Join us on Thursday, May 18, at 12pm ET as Tim and John play Quake Champions, while discussing the Game Modes that you've been playing in Closed Beta -- you can expect to hear expert tips, game strategy, and design discussion.

Have a question about Game Modes? Feel free to post it below and we may answer them on the stream.

See you Thursday: https://www.twitch.tv/bethesda

Bethesda.net | @Bethesda

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any plans for an offline training mode with bots that will teach effective strafe/cricle jumping, resource control and aiming and etc?


Classic modes?

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Can you touch on what ways there will be to play the game modes - ranked, unranked, custom, in-client tournaments?  Is there a focus on refining matchmaking for the modes? It currently seems too eager to match players of a wide range of skill levels into the same match.

How many game modes are planned for release? Will any require maps specifically for them or is the goal to make every map playable on every mode?

Specifically for sacrifice

Any plans for UI updates for the mode? It needs an explanation of the mode for new players. A progress indicator on capturing the soul from the enemy obelisk as well as capture percentage of each team would be helpful.

Will you be testing internally or otherwise gameplay tweaks to the mode? I think requiring the soul to hit the obelisk instead of the circle to capture it upon a throw might be good.  Perhaps not letting someone capture for the opposing team would be a good change as well, since many new players do that by accident or sometimes people die right after grabbing it from the enemy obelisk and it's instantly recaptured.

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Several questions on game modes.

1.1) Is it true that due to research done about QL duel matches that QC duel has been altered into the mode that it is at this moment?

1.2) If so; can you please fire the person who came up with the conclusions of that research as well as the one responsible for the new implementation of duel and hire anyone else?

2) We understand that the benefit of Sacrifice is that there is at most 1 soul in the game and thus it is easier to spectate when comparing it to classic CTF, however it also removes the different roles that players used to have in CTF while those (CTF) roles seem to fit the different champions exceptionally well (higher maneuverability with smaller hitboxes for attacking and low maneuverability with large hitboxes for defense as well as defensive and offensive use of abilities). Are there any ideas to regain a gameplay which does give certain roles to players which fit certain characters?

3) Do you think that the rules of Sacrifice are clear enough to new players? (Or should there maybe be an 'experience requirement' (as there somewhat is in Duel) before players have enough overview in the game to be allowed to play Sacrifice?)

4) Why have so many choices of gametype? OW for instance goes a great job at forcing it's players to queue up in a single queue. Why would you be wanting to split your player base?

5) Will there be clan/team functions in the game to allow for easier creating of teams as well as challenging of teams which are ranked similar to yourself? Possibly with lots of extra community features added (clan bio, facebook pages (of clan members), play scheduals, ladders, competitions, chat lobbies where you can meet the opponent, etc. etc.)

6) can you see certain trends where certain characters are picked more in a certain mode? (if so which and in what mode)

7) Will there be public rankings for each mode? (like qlranks / qlstats)

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When performance optimizations (FPS) will start?

Can we expect mirrored maps for CTF?

When we will see our rank and ladder by region?

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Holy [censored].

Super hyped for this :D


"I fragged rapha... once." - twitch.tv/da_coder

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I'm a big fan of game design and would like to just listen you guys talk about design decisions, how you ended up making maps in the way you did (geometry, item placement) - I'd also like to know more about the general philosophy behind Quake Champions. What drives the game forward, an esport aspect, a timeless classic, is there a narrative behind it or is it more like Doom where the team went 'all out' and just made a fun game.

Also, I'd like to know why  did you decide to change damage on zoom - I'm not trying to be judgey or anything, I just want to hear the though process behind it. Maybe I just don't understand it and I have yet to hear it from the devs themselves.

Do you plan on introducing new champs? Maybe just use the same abilities and re-skin them  (for example, Xaero with Nyx stats+ability,  Crash with Slash Stats/ability, Doom  with ranger Stats+ability)

Also Tim Willits asked me to post my quake tattoo on instagram, I did and he never replied!

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Question: Do you think it's a problem that the current Sacrifice rules enables one team to get a distinct base advantage for the entire game? Usually in objective-based gamemodes, teams switch sides at halftime.

In Sacrifice the first 2x 25secs are literally the most important part of any game. That first Soul Touch decides whether you get the "good" or "bad" obelisk for the next 600 seconds. Remember, it's not even a Soul Sacrifice, it's just a TOUCH.

Watching Fazz and 8 other pros scrim Sacrifice revealed just how insanely important that first Soul Touch is. During one match, Fazz's team would steamroll the opponents 3-0 when they got the good obelisk, and struggle 0-3 when they got the bad obelisk. Now, imagine if they had gotten the good obelisk both halfes and won 6-0. Or the bad obelisk both halfes and lost 0-6. Is it not a problem when a 1200 second game is being decided by what happens the first 25sec?

The obvious downside to switching sides at halftime is longer overtimes, because you need to switch sides during overtime as well.

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Explain the logic behind zoom damage increase (regardless of the specific numbers). Why reward players for zooming in before shooting?

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I have a question which isn't related to gamemode, but I'll ask it anyway:

When will we be able to get more crosshairs options (as well as crosshairs with black outline(s) and different colors like green, cyan, magenta, yellow etc, to increase visibility) and a FPS counter / PING counter ?

Thanks! :)

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Will be there any analogue of GTV or DotaTV with ingame casting and possibility to watch games from tourneys and strong players?

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Hey, Tim and John.

1. Can you tune match making so it wouldn't be possible for weak players to against the good players that already proved their skill by playing many duels? Watching Cypher play against the guy that doesn't know how to strafe jump is painful.

2. Can you make it possible to play against chosen opponent? We could have tournaments like 125FPS Sunday Cup. I think it would be very symbolic and well-earned if they would host the first QC cup. Also a lot of information for developers.

3. Will you provide additional mouse settings in some near future? Like, mouseaccel, more delicate sensivity, m_pitch, m_yaw?

4. Do you consider increasing the frag-limit in duel? The way its designed now favors +back rail-heavy playing, plus it is VERY random. 

Thank you guys for all the efforts!

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Doesn't this seem pretty early, since so many people can't even play the game due to a glitch in the launching of the game.

I have a brand new, better then many system that won't even load, it was fine during beta weeks ago and won't even work now. Many others are in the same boat.

Doesn't it seem like this major flaw should be fixed instead of a lightning gun bug and then jump to live streaming a game that doesn't even load on a percentage of computers?


Annoyed that this problem in not being looked at more seriously.

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I would love to see zero4 Compete at quakecon or any tournament again :)))  No ones ever had quite the dodge he had....except maybe cooller :) Or is that a conflict of interest now?

Offline bots mode? I would buy Champs just for this mode with introduction classes from crash again :) Would help people train the movement...which is hard to learn if you dont know much about it.

Could it be possible to make duel X frags total(as if it were 3 full rounds), but, make it one long round. So as to keep control flowing if you are doing a good job  :)

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Are you guys going to support the players who stream the game by featuring streamers within the client somehow? Or perhaps feature streamers in some other way? I'm curious because i just started streaming a few days ago and it would be nice to see everyone supporting one another with the convenience of the client having the streams within itself.

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What will the remaining 2 game modes be that are currently hidden in the closed beta?

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I'd like to ask how successful the beta is (in general), and especially the open beta in popularity. Are there lots of players? Is it more than expected or less? :) 
Btw Great work id software it's an amazing game. 

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anssi on [censored]