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Thanks for All of Your Help and Support – Prey Update Incoming

First, I’d like to thank everyone for your patience and help in reporting issues you’ve experienced in Prey, and a HUGE special thanks to you guys who have been providing me (and the devs) with your game saves. It has been crucial to us figuring out what has been going on with some of the bigger issues you guys have been experiencing.

This week we’re looking to release a Steam Beta Update that should fix the crashes some of you are experiencing that may or may not have corrupted your saves. Included in this are a few other fixes we will share when we release the patch notes along with the beta when it is live. Once we know that the beta update is good to go, it will be released on console shortly after for everyone.

Until then, please keep sending your feedback and any issues you run into to me or on our forums. Thanks again for all of your support of Prey!

TL;DR - Thanks for all your help and support! Update in the coming days that should fix some of your big issues including crashes, and any corrupted saves.

Is there a way to undo the latest PC patch. Before patch - no problems. Now game ctd sometimes when a mimic starts to fight. also the bodies are falling into floor now. (ex-In teleconference room body is half into floor)

(will say - its a great  game and a lot of fun - best played in the dark)