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Growing Pains

I’ve noticed a lot of people have having a very hard time dealing (or adapting to) the changes to a single entry, spin off variant fallout 76. 

From weapon with condition degeneration/level requirements, non hostile/quest npc’s, the Scorched, multiplayer, pvp etc.

Nobody has clearly came out and made the direct distinction between 76 and the single player variations. 

In the Single player Fallouts YOU are the most important character (The Chosen One/Dovahkiin) YOU are bigger than the world, the whole world revolves around YOU. Nothing of importance can happen until YOU decide it does, YOU have all the power.

In 76 you must revolve/adapt to the WORLD. The WORLD is bigger than you. Your actions barely cause a ripple in the WORLD and therefore it’s the rest of the WORLD that has all the power.

I can see (obviously) why a lot of people are having a hard time with this concept. Asking some people to surrender power even in something fictional, is asking to much from them. You could call it entitlement or narcissism but they cannot accept not being at the center of a universe, even if it’s a fake.

On another issue... please stop calling 76 a “MMO”, it’s not. It’s as much an “MMO” as the Online mode of Grand Theft Auto V. 

While some people might feel like that, I am not sure that is the case here. 

You are assuming that people who have a hard time 'adapting' do so because they only have single player games experience. I am assuming this is not the case and that most people here have absolutely played at least one game online and that they have no problem whatsoever not being THE ONE this game world revolves around.

Even if most people would come from a single player background, you assume people would still want to be the ONE hero in an online world. Don't get me wrong, people like strong characters game play wise. Probably no one would like to play a gimped one as his or her main, aside maybe for roleplaying reasons. But lore wise, not everybody craves to be THE CHOSEN ONE in an online world. 

Personally I like it even better when I am not the super hero in online games because I just know that in games like that everybody is the super hero (notoriously shown in SWTOR) and that just clashes with my game immersion. Not all people like that, in preNGE SWG people were perfectly fine to "just" be 'uncle Owen'. Back then, people had less online experience than they have now.

Also playing the assuming game, i think that people are a bit concerned about FO76 because it still doesn't seem to know itself what it wants to be.

 Introduced as a game with a PvP experience, then backpaddeling the PvP thing, the bad pk players will be the interesting content, but wait, i want to play solo, does that mean the content is lackluster then, nononono, suddenly it's a great solo game where influencer twittered how they were 'barfing with happiness' about their solo experience. Bethesda doesnt seem to know how this game will have changed 2 or 3 years down the road. Wait what?

This had confused me greatly. I assume some others too.

For me they basically seem to be removing all the RPG content in favour of a looter/shooter style game with "events". It's not going to ruin Fallout for me though, in the same way ESO being basically an Elder scrolls theme park with queues hasn't ruined elder scrolls for me