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Wolfenstein II - Nintendo Switch Patch 9/26

Hey all,

We've deployed a new patch live to resolve a few issues and improve general game performance. Below are the patch notes for today's patch.

- General performance improvements
- Fixed an issue affecting unresponsive controls when in the game menu
- Fixed an issue affecting a Star Card achievement bug
- Added snap-to-center option for motion controls

hello I have Nintendo switch us  Account but I’m not from the US I was going to  purchase this game on Nintendo eshop  and it Told me the game is not available in your country the problem is every other game works except for this one can you help me


Do you know when the patch will be released for the german, austrian cut version?

Thanks in advance, Hans

Greetings hhuber_2001,

Last week's patch is also available for the German version of Wolfenstein II. 

If you have trouble downloading it on Switch, please open a support ticket via our help page. 

- Makwulf

Same Problem here with cut German Version, we update! I know German Users with the same Problem

Version is still on 1.1, manual Update cant find anything

Nintendo Network Connection works, i tried to redownload it but German download Version from e-shop is in fact v1.1 and not new v1.2

So heres a Problem ;)

The patch for the cut german version has been released on friday or saturday.