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The Thread of Baseless Predictions

I thought it might be fun to start a light-hearted thread to counter all those other serious ones... you know the ones I mean.

So all you have to to is predict things that you think may or may not be in FO76; they can be serious, or as crazy as you like. You can justify them if you feel the need... but probably best not to !

I predict that the BoS will make an appearance in some way, as will the Enclave

Also there will be a robot army under the command of an insane A.I. who seeks to gain control of the nukes in order to eradicate the remains of humanity.

Remember, you read it here first!

I think a lot of quests will be given by ghouls and the likes cause of the lack of human npc's.

Oh and I think you can mutate a 3rd arm so you can wield 2 handguns ánd a bat.

I predict we will find out the gears on the BoS emblems are not actually gears at all but vault doors, two needing to be opened at the same time, to open the one bigger vault.  This main Vault is the holy grail so to speak and the reason BoS is trying to gather up all tech and knowledge is because they are the "Templars" of the FO Universe, while proclaiming to be doing it for humanity outwardly.  This will conclude with the team we see in the video clip having to launch everything available at West Virginia at the end, thereby erasing all of our actions from anyones history, thus ensuring that humanity can never know the truth is out there, immortality the ultimate tech.

p.s. thats also why the aliens and Dr. Who are interested in us...

I predict that some people will like the game, some will not and some will simply not care*. 

(*) this shocking fact is an exclusive.

Rick is in a coma and the walkers were all a dream. Oh crap wrong thread.

The game will start with a cut scene of Todd Howard in bed mumbling it just works, it just works.  Then he wakes up, Wow, I had the weirdest dream that Fallout 76 was online multiplayer instead of a standard single player game.  What a nightmare that would be.  Well, Fall Out 76 is finally ready to be experienced.  It may be the bet single player Fallout yet.  Todd picks up a controller.  Fade to PC waking up in a vault.  

@septarn said:

Rick is in a coma and the walkers were all a dream. Oh crap wrong thread.

 LOL, OMG Im gonna tell my wife that!!!

@septarn said:

Rick is in a coma and the walkers were all a dream. Oh crap wrong thread.


Bottle & Cappy robots that have a Vim robot prisoner in a cage.

BETA will be all of the people who left 20 years after the war.

The game will go live 5 years later and that’s where our journey begins. 

Ok makes a little more sense than I originally intended 

@septarn said:

Rick is in a coma and the walkers were all a dream. Oh crap wrong thread.

 I actually posed this to a friend, during season 5 xD

I think we'll see a couple characters only spoken of or met in passing from the first couple of games. This is part wishful thinking, part prediction.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy's father would be a cool meetup. 

The man who eventually became a tree (Harold).

I definitely think we'll see the BoS. They and the Enclave both existed already in 2077. Or the game may lead us into the direction of becoming what the BoS eventually comes to be known as today. With DLC definitely a contender, I would really like to see the start up of the BoS. Also the start up of the Intstitute, as no one knows when they came about. 

The original Dogmeat!

The REAL LIFE IN PERSON Robert House (probably not though).

Since the Enclave already existed in 2077, I have no doubt we'll be seeing them in some form or another. No human NPC's my [censored].

I'd like to see another Dunwich reference.

I predict griefing will be rampant, pvp will ruin the game, there will be a battle royale mode, there will be no NPCs (even though we already saw NPC robots in the trailer and gameplay), this game signifies the end of all single player games created by BGS, BETA will start tomorrow, you won't receive your code on time and half life 3 will be announced the day after that.

I predict you're already salty and would recommend you not play as your incessant whining will ruin the game faster for anyone with misfortune to play with you, faster than anything you've already mentioned.

They said "No human NPCs" that still leaves robots, ghouls and super mutants. Lots of possabilities there.

Surely there will be '50s music radio. Who is doing that?

unfortunately this is set "before" the events that created super mutants. There is a really cool 30 minute documentary on YT that shows some of the behind the scenes. It is amazing.

-I predict that Kenny will die.

My baseless prediction is that, despite all of the hype, this game will not, in fact, have any bases.

I think that Thomas the Tank Engine will show up in Fallout 76.  Confirming that Skyrim and Fallout is the same world in different time periods.

I think Arthur Maxson will travel back in time and arm wrestle deathclaws in a West Virginia saloon.

@captain_osyrus said:

Confirming that Skyrim and Fallout is the same world in different time periods.

Thats old news, what do you think mutations become?