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When does DOOM release for Nintendo Switch?

DOOM will be available on Nintendo Switch on Friday, November 10 (12am ET, midnight). You are able to pre-load the game now if purchased digitally through the Nintendo eShop.

What is the file size of DOOM for Nintendo Switch:
Base File Size – 14.4 GB
Day One Patch Size ~8GB (This download includes Multiplayer functionality, additional game fixes, and audio for supported languages other than English) 
Save file size ~2MB 

What are the supported controller schemes for DOOM?

• Left and Right Joy-Con attached to Nintendo Switch (Handheld)
• Left and Right Joy-con
• Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
• Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip
• Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charge Grip

What are the supported languages?

• English (United States)
• English (United Kingdom)
• Español (España)
• Español (América Latina)
• Français (France)
• Français (Canada)
• Deutsch - German
• Italiano - Italian
• Русский - Russian
• 日本語 – Japanese (Available only on the Japanese version of the game)

Known Issues:

When launching the game in Portuguese, the text is in English. 
The Nintendo Switch port of DOOM does not currently support Portuguese.

Sometimes my game framerate drops really low, causing the game to look like it is moving in slow motion.

In some areas of the game where a lot of enemies are on screen or a large amount of effects, users may experience a short period of reduced performance. 

When playing the campaign, there was a loud buzzing sound that lasted a couple of seconds. 
There is a very small chance that a loud audio buzzing sound will trigger during normal play. 

During play, sometimes the audio sounds very low quality, and in some instances, there is a lot of static.
When a large amount of sounds are being triggered (usually through weapon fire and enemy attacks), the sound can experience degradation. This issue should resolve itself once the amount of action on screen dies down. 

After launching the game, I am not seeing an option to launch into the Multiplayer mode?
In order to access the multiplayer section of the game, you will need to download the day 1 patch. This contains the entire multiplayer game mode and multiple gameplay improvements for the campaign. 

Why is the patch size so large? Is there any way I can skip downloading the patch?

You must download the day 1 patch to play in Multiplayer mode.  The day 1 patch is required in some regions but is recommended for all as it contains the entire multi-player game mode as well as multiple gameplay improvements for the single player campaign.

The box lists that motion controls work in this game, but it isn’t working?

Motion controls are only supported when using the Left and Right Joy-Con controllers. DOOM does not support motion controls while the Joy-Con’s are attached to the Nintendo Switch or with the Pro Controller. 

Campaign Specific Known Issues:

I can’t progress past the Hell Guard boss fight. The first Hell Guard keeps standing up after I perform a Glory Kill

There is a small chance the Hell Guard will become invincible. Users should restart the last checkpoint and attempt the boss fight again. 

After firing the BFG, my game froze. 

There is a small chance that after firing the BFG, the user may experience a freeze. Users should restart the game and continue from the last saved checkpoint.

Multiplayer Specific Known Issues:

When playing in Multiplayer, the Pause menu will appear without pressing + on the controller and I am unable to leave the pause menu by pressing +.

Users who have a poor or low connection speed may experience the pause menu appearing without any user input. The only way to bypass this issue is to quit the match and rejoin. 

I am unable to join back into a match after being disconnected. I keep getting stuck at 91% when loading in. 

Users who have a poor internet connection may get stuck on the loading screen when trying to rejoin into a match they were originally disconnected from. It is best to restart the console and attempt joining back into a match.

While play in Multiplayer, I was disconnected from the match even though I have a good internet connection. 

There is a small chance in which users may be disconnected from the match due to a problem reaching the DOOM servers.

I am unable to invite a friend when in a game or while in a Lobby. It also seems like my friend is unable to join my game in progress. 
The match Host is currently the only player able to invite friends into a Private Match. 

General Troubleshooting:

I left my game open for several hours without rebooting and now I am experiencing progression blocking issues such as: doors not opening, elite guards not providing tokens, previously open doors are closed, etc.

Leaving the game open for long periods of time can cause certain objects to become non-interactive or cause doors to close and block progress.  Users should completely exit the application, restart it and reload their latest checkpoint to resolve these issues.

I have deleted my profiled data or my profile data has become corrupt and I am no longer able to access unlocked Classic Maps or Collectibles.  Additionally, when using my previous save data I am unable to collect these again through Mission Select.

Classic Maps and Collectible unlocks are tied to your profile, if the profile is deleted then these will need to be unlocked again through a new campaign play through.  Utilizing previous saved game will not count towards unlocking these on the new profile. 

I’ve become stuck in a portion of the world and cannot get out, what do I do?

If you become stuck in the world and cannot move or exit you should reload your latest checkpoint, this should remove you from that position and allow you to continue the campaign.

Some text characters are showing up in game as asterisk.

Not all characters display properly in different languages.  If playing the Asian SKU and in Chinese, Japanese characters will show as asterisk. In Japanese, Chinese characters show as asterisk.  In English, both Chinese and Japanese characters show as asterisk. If playing the North American SKU or the European SKU in any language other than Russian, Russian Cyrillic will not display. If playing the North American or European SKU’s, Chinese and Japanese characters will not appear. Some Greek characters and Arabic characters do not display in any SKU.

I reloaded a checkpoint while I was collecting the Chainsaw, and when I go to collect the Chainsaw on subsequent attempts I am unable to pick it up.

If a checkpoint is reloaded while the users is in the process of picking up the Chainsaw, it can create a broken state for this item.  The user will need to restart their campaign or reload an older checkpoint in order to fix this issue.

On the Mission Select screen, it displays completed progress towards level challenges but when loading the map from Mission Select this progress is removed.
This is by design, users will need to fully complete challenges in a single play through of the level.  Any progress earned on a previous play through will not be applied to subsequent attempts.