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Creation Club FAQ

Creation Club is now live for SSE on PC. For more information, check out the DevNotes and CreationClub.com. We also have some general troubleshooting tips below.

  • I've purchased Creation Credits from Steam/Xbox Store/PSN, but I do not see them in my Creation Club Wallet in Fallout 4/Skyrim Special Edition? The wallet can take a few minutes to update. Try exiting back to Main Menu, then going back into Creation Club. If your wallet still isn't updating properly, exit the game and start a new session.
  • What if I purchase Creation Credits from Steam/Xbox Store/PSN before logging into Fallout 4 or Skryim Special Edition? Your purchased credits will be linked to your first party account. When you log into the game, your credits will appear in your wallet once you log into Creation Club and create and link to a Bethesda.net account.
  • When creating a Bethesda.net account to log into Creation Club, I typed in the wrong email address. What do I do? Contact our Customer Service and they can help you update your email address. Your creation credits and account will still work and you can still purchase Creations or purchase additional Creation Credits.
  • I'm getting a message that Creation Club content is missing when I load my saved game. Go back to the Main Menu and select Creation Club. Check all your PURCHASED Creations and re-download the ones that are missing.
  • New menu items have a $ in front of them, or items are appearing with the name "LOOKUP FAILED." This can occur when you have loose translation files added by mods. Removing the files will solve the issue.
  • On PC, hitting X to purchase credits does not work. This is likely because your Steam Overlay has been disabled. It needs to be enabled in order to purchase credits in-game.

General Known Issues:

  • Purchasing Creation Credits while logged into more than one XB1 profile may cause purchases not to register properly. We recommend only logging in with the XB1 profile that is linked to Bethesda.net to purchase Creation Credits.

Hi everyone, after Creation Club's launch on Fallout 4 we received a lot of constructive feedback from the community, and wanted to take a moment to address some of these points. 

I’m terrified you’re getting rid of free mods. Are you? Of course not. We love what the community has done with mods. Modding ensures tons of continued content and experiences for our games. We were also thrilled to bring Mods to console players with Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition. We’ve spent the last 15 years supporting free mods. Free and open modding is one of the backbones of our games.

Why do you insist these aren’t paid mods? Looks like paid mods to me. The differences are pretty big for us, though we know they end up looking similar to many. “Paid Mods” would mean that any modder can take a mod and then charge for it without any QA testing or vetting by us.  If we allowed “Paid Mods” that would likely cause a ton of issues. Creation Club content is different because the content goes through the same internal development process as any game or DLC we’ve done (internal builds, art, design, sound, fx, QA, translation, etc). Most content is internal created by BGS developers and some have external creators as part of that.

You mentioned that Creation Club content would not be based upon existing Mod content? What’s up with Creation Club items like the Hellfire Power Armor? We wanted to clarify that Modders could not submit existing Mods as Creation Club projects. Sometimes our ideas cross similar ground as some mods, just as happens when we do DLC.  In some cases, we may have content based on content we made previously in our games. In the case of the Chinese Stealth Armor or Hellfire Power Armor, our team internally designed Creation Club content based upon the original designs we created for Operation: Anchorage and Broken Steel. The Hellfire user-created Mod had not been released when we showed our project in the Creation Club trailer. They actually reached out to us to ask if they could continue with their project given that we planned a Creation Club version and we told them they could and should continue their project. We love to have a dialogue with Modders in cases like these.

There is no intent for Creation Club content to be based upon or built around existing assets or iterations created by the Modding community, and we do not intend to remove similar Mods created within the Modding community. We would only request removal of Mods that directly rip content created for Creation Club  – just as we would if someone tried to release Far Harbor as a mod. As an aside, Modders are welcome to expand upon Creation Club content with Free Mods, provided that these Mods require players to get the original Creation Club content (similar to owning the base game in order to play DLC.)  

Why would I even pay for this when there are some similar free ones? As official content, Creations have a few advantages over Mods. We recognize that some players will value these points more than others, but below are some of the benefits:

  • Creations work across all platforms and versions of the game; PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Creations all work together with each other
  • Creations are fully translated
  • Creations do not prevent you from earning achievements
  • Creations work regardless of load order
  • Creations can make additions and changes to hardcoded content not generally accessible to modders

I heard Creation Club breaks load orders. There was a bug at launch, but it has since been fixed for Fallout 4, and should not be present for Skyrim Special Edition.

Why do the Creation Club assets download for Xbox One and PlayStation 4? This was a requirement for some platforms and how Creation Club needed to work. Most other games that offer similar content do the same. We realize this is a frustration point for players and we are working on a solution to change the way this functions. This is no longer the case for PC.

Does Creation Club content use allocated Mod space provided for the game? Will the Mod limits on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 be changed for Creation Club? No, Creation Club content utilizes the game’s space allocation, not the allocation for Mods. Regarding the space for Mods, there is also no ideal way to update the Mod size limits for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Replacing a partition has wide-ranging impact, and potentially jeopardize the saves you have that are currently dependent on Mods.

Seems like there will only be small things in Creation Club, is the content limited to the new ESL format? A variety of content is currently being worked on for Creation Club. Larger pieces may be released as an ESM, like other official plug-ins. The ESL format is streamlined for content that is relatively contained, or primarily reliant on scripts.

We wouldn’t mind paying if the content was better. What can we expect and when? This is just the start for both games, we have a lot of content in the works that we’re really excited about. Right now we’re constrained internally with finalizing the content, but our hope is to have new stuff every month.