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Dishonored 2 Subcategories




Change In-Game Settings

You can improve performance by making changes to Dishonored 2's in-game settings. To do so, select Options from the game's main menu and and navigate to Visuals.

From the Video Settings menu, try making changes to the following:

Screen Resolution - Only use 1440p resolution if you have a high-end GPU (such as a GTX 1070/1080 or equivalent)Windowed ModeV-Sync - We recommend you keep this setting activated, especially if you have framerate fluctuations. Adaptive Resolution - For low framerates, we recommend you adjust this so that it is between the minimum (50%) and default value (75%)FOV settingsDeactivate HBAO+ if you have an NVIDIA graphics card

If you are not seeing improvement, you can try making changes from within the Advanced Settings menu:

*Set the Preset to "Auto" to adjust your visual settings without impacting framerate.

*Deactivate or make changes to the following (note that lowering these settings may work best if done collectively):

TXAA Anti-AliasingTexture DetailsModel DetailsEnvironment DetailsWater QualityView DistantShadow QualityAnti-aliasingRat and Bloodfly Shadows


Ensure Your Windows is Up To Date

To ensure your version of Windows has all the latest updates, you should run Windows Update. You can find it by navigating to your Start menu, selecting All Programs, and then selecting Windows Update.

Allow Windows Update to identify, download, and install any required updates and try launching the game again.

You can find more information on running Windows Update here.

Get the Latest Version of DirectX

You should ensure you have the latest version of DirectX by downloading and installing it here.

For game crashes, you should check out this help article.

Verify Integrity of Game Cache on Steam

To ensure the game files are installed correctly, you should verify the files in Steam:

Open Steam and navigate to your Library.Right-click on Dishonored 2 and select Properties.Select the Local Files tab and then click Verify integrity of game cache...Allow Steam to complete the verification process.