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A remake of Q1 or a sequel in the same timeline would be awesome, especially if it has more lovecraft in it
No "remake" is needed in my opinion. Darkplaces mod and hi-res models and textures will do the job. What we need is a sequel for the original Quake - or a cross-link between the Slipgate story from Q1 and the Strogg storyline from 2&4.
 I bought the Quake 1 in GOG. And play. Before i see speedruns. I can say - Quake 1 is good game, but absolutely unplayable in modern time. Elder technically moments (not graphic, but general feeling), pixel text, horrible mouse, can't switch resolution. For Quake 1 really need modern remake. And sequel after... of course.

 If you got Quake 1 from GOG, download vkQuake, which makes use of the .pak files that are in the game. You'll be able to play Quake using Vulkan api, in modern native resolutions with all of its original effects in tact (such as the water), with added benefits like anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing options. It's pretty much the best way to Quake!