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not so sure i need 240hz. I Think image and color quality is important, thats what im looking for in a monitor. 
This comment i read had some good Points too "The problem with these new 240hz panels is the input lag. All reviews around the web shows the screen lags at 15ms to 16ms. Sure, when you are using 240hz you divide that for 4 (240/60), ending up with 4ms input latency, wich beats any offer on the market. Be it 60hz or 144hz. The thing is, a good and fast 144hz monitor, like the famous LG 24GM79 (240€) or Asus MG248Q (300€), both rated at around 9.7ms input lag (dividing by 2,1), wich gives effective 4,6ms input lag. Now compare 4,6ms vs 4ms. Is that big advantage for 240hz considering you spent 500 bucks? And also taking into account that most games won´t get past 200fps (CS Go and OW can do it, most of the other games cant) thus increasing input lag even more. To me it isn´t worh it at all. Adding to that, if you ever use that monitor with a console at 60hz, input lag will be too high aswell. The only real advantage 240hz gives right now is the motion clarity, wich is clearly improved over 144hz. But that doesn´t justify anything. I still prefer a lower input lag 144hz monitor, by far. When 240hz tech matures and we get decent input lag screens (ranging from 9,5ms to 11ms like any good 144hz monitor), then we talk."