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@tohuvavohu said:

Ah so the various dunmer beverages are liquors. 
Check here for lore friendly intoxicants from previous games: http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:D...

 "from the previous games" are the key words here.

Somebody, I don't remember who, made a skooma mod once; it was taken down on a regular basis. Now searching the mods for "skooma" give some results, so I don't know, maybe this kind of mod is not allowed and some slipped through?


UESP has more info on the availability of the DLC's.


@kombinator1991 said:

In short.
They put every single effort in making the game good for guilds, and group of players while a seriously big deal of content is unavailable for loners, and minor groups.

About 80% of everything in the game can be done solo.
I soloed 80% of the content available in ESO without any problems.

Group Dungeons require co-op, but they are very easy to do when using the Group Finder... It's not true solo, but no planning or guilds are needed to complete them. It's a quick 15 minutes to do each dungeon.

I have zero interest in PvP, and I'm still enjoying the game after hundreds of hours. .