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@BetterthanRKO12 said:

Also, who says the Dominion has no military might left in Alinor? After all, I think they have a force at least as large as the Empire's. Plus, they're not wasting soldiers holding down the Valenwood-Elsweyr border from the Empire. Plus, they have free-reign to patrol around the Empire seeking Talos worshippers. (Everything from here on out is pure speculation) Do you honestly believe that is the only thing the Thalmor patrols are doing in both Cyrodiil and Skyrim. if I was in charge of the Dominion, I would have them sizing up both provinces. How fast are they able to get reinforcements? How many people are loyal to the Empire? How many people are willing to defend it? Where are there choke points in the provinces? How could the Dominion eventually assault the Provinces?

 Agreed... After all, no offense to the Stormcloaks, but they aren't strategic at all

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