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Gelebor said after we have defeated his brother : there may still snow elves who have remained normal. And he said : "I stay here in case other Snow Elves find (come in) the Sanctuary". But I recognize too he said I could be last one. So, I think my suggestion is possible.

another suggestion  : a quest around Lamae Bal.

 It would still be a massive breakthrough in the lore of the game to begin to revive the Snow Elves. I think Bethesda prefers to leave it's lore as a bit of a cliff hanger.

Also, the Dawnguard DLC was a huge vampire questline.


@samoja Mannimarco is still alive in Oblivion? Or is he trying to return to Nirn to retake him place as emperor?


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so-carefully developed over the past 20+ years.

It's developed by a company. The lore is in peril every time one of the higher ups sees something shiny.

 Ha ha I like this! 

I am talking about lore as it stands, whereas some of you are talking about lore in the sense of an evolving story. I prefer the mystery though, as it stands. But technically some on the previous page who quoted me are right; there is the possibility that Dwemer could make some sort of return. If such a thing would happen though, my opinion is that it should not be a race which is all the sudden everywhere. All the sudden playable. All the sudden a feature which is solely done to attract more money. 

And that's not how it would happen, right? If what I postulated came true, yet (for instance) we weren't allowed to play as Dwemer, hoo boy these forums would get lit up. And then if we could play them, there'd be a long line of people wondering why they don't look like Tolkien dwarves, as somebody said on the previous page.

No, if they made some sort of return into TES VI, chances are Beth would be somewhat forced to go all the way to playable. Which would trample lore, as it stands. I am talking about going all the way from "Where did they go?" to ... "here you are folks, you can now BE a dwarf!" Trample, trample.

What about the Akavir? I know some of them (the Tsaesci, for instance) wouldn't make sense to introduce to the continent of Tamriel, but are there any other races or species which would work?  I think I asked this in the old forums long ago. Got all sorts of mixed answers.


@Adella  Please pass along my condolences to Rick. So sad to lose someone close.   Don't be too hard on him.

Sounds like you've been having some fun in your adventures, though. Ylva is level 33, and she is still trying her best to max out her armor and weapons before too many adventures. She has her eye on Lakeview estate, but has to tackle the Forgotten Cave first..... sigh.... so many bandits.

Take care, Contessa.