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@herjeim said:

 I've heard you express this before.
It's not that I disagree completely, but I do like when they give you choice in these kinds of games.
If there were a way you could account for your characters choices in future installments, I remember kotor ii had a clumsy but halfway effective way of doing it through in game conversations, I still find it ideal.
I still however hope the Dragonborn becomes skyrim's monarch though. After all the prophecy behind the Dragonborn's character, the fact it is fullfilled, and whatever choices were made during Skyrim's civil war, whether a victory for the Empire or Stormcloaks, or the peace treaty, it only makes sense to me the Dragonborn should be High King/Queen given they saved the mortal realm from annihilation whilst fullfiling nord prophecy.

 The issue with the idea though, the Nords would never accept a High King that isn't a Nord, regardless of whether they are Dragonborn.

They'd never accept an Imperial, certainly wouldn't accept an Altmer and I couldn't see them accepting a Dunmer, Khajit, Argonian or Bosmer either.

Redguards are unlikely too, simply through being outsiders.

The only way for the Dragonborn to be High King would be if they'd been a Nord.