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@daelonduluc2016 said:

...your favorite type of characters?  
 More often than not, my characters are mercenaries, or Ranger types who spend nearly all their time hunting out in the wild, or tomb raiders who collect artifacts, ect.  In fact, I'd say most of my Oblivion characters are collectors. They spend a great deal of time collecting things and selling to merchants or stashing their treasures at home. 
And some characters don't really even have a "type" at all, they just head out in one direction and we see what happens. :)

 Basically that. Emphasis on the Ranger build. Got a major hoarder mentality. Anything shiny, rare metal and/or ancient/dead race. Having been touched by a divine being will sky rocket the need to have it.

I do enjoy attempting to get in and out undetected. But I worry that I play Bethesda games a little too "Tom Clancy"