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@Geirk said:

Almost winter

 Gimme a break.  I haven't even had my turkey yet.  On December 20th it will be almost Winter.


@xBlackHeartx said:

Most people who mod do it for themselves. If I could mod, honestly, I probably wouldn't even bother coming to this forum. Most mods would be far too much work, or beyond my means. I have no way to record dialogue, and even if I did the only voice actor I would have available is myself, so that means no quest mods. I also can't do 3-d modelling if my life depended on it. I couldn't do it for the sims 2, and there's no way I could do so for a game with vastly superior graphics. So no armor or weapon mods.
Then what could I make? Not much really. The only thing that really interests me is making compatibility patches for the mods I use, but obviously the creation kit can't be used for anything (despite what everyone on this board claims). 
I figure I could also make a cheap follower mod. I mean, people are constantly uploading mods of followers who have NO custom dialogue. Of course, most of the followers I've seen use mod assets to design the character. The only thing tempting me to make follower mods is the over abundance of female followers. Male followers are virtually non-existent, and all the female follower mods I know of are blatantly sexist. If I did make a follower, the first thing would probably be an ugly-[censored] female orc warrior, just to counteract all 'dream girl' mods that always flood the followers section.

Also, I'm close to finishing a 2-year degree in programming, so I figured I could make custom scripts easy enough, but those tend to bog down games, so I would very wary of making mods like that.

Honestly, I wouldn't be able to make much of anything. And that's ignoring the fact that I lack any sort of program you can seriously make mods with. And even if I did, I wouldn't even be trying to do mod requests because 99% of the stuff people ask for would be beyond my means. Not all of us can make a Falskaar, or a Frostfall, or an Immersive Armors. The best modders in the community aren't a good representation of what most modders can do, obviously. And honestly for some of these mods, I suspect they had a whole team working on them to pull it off. I mean, for some of these mods they would've had to hire dozens of voice actors. And the number of custom assets in some of them would've taken years of labor to produce (it takes about a full day's of work to make a 3-d model for a modern game, its not exactly an easy task).

Oh, and as for my trying to make a compatiblity patch for my follower. After hours upon hours of work and frustration with the utterly [censored] camera controls, I managed to move the follower's spawn point, but the mod wouldn't take effect. I enabled it, it was installed, it appeared in all my mod managers, but it didn't do anything. So yeah, the creation kit is obviously a scam. Whatever it is I made with it wasn't a mod. It had the correct file type, but it literally did nothing. And it took me probably over 20 hours of work just to move the spawn point over a few feet. I haven't seriously thought about making another mod since.

 Sorry, but you did something wrong. The creation kit isnt a scam, we all use it and it works fine, you just didnt do what you were actually trying to do.


@Lachdonin said:

The problems with the Engine are, thus, not because it's old, as many claim... But because Bethesda generally fumbles with everything they do

 I agree completely.  I have said many times that the majority of the problems people attribute to "the engine" are not the fault of the engine, per se, but of the inept way Bethesda uses the engine.  There is no doubt in my mind that if they ever did licence or build a new engine that they would use that engine just as poorly, and introduce as many aggravating problems, as they do with their current engine.