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@arpegiator said:

Threads like this are entirely pointless. As long as Zenimax are still making money from TESO they are not going to invest in the development of Elder Scrolls VI, no matter how much you or I might want them to.

 Zenimax aren't doing TES:VI


@merari said

They cannot be soultrapped without circumventing the edicts of Arkay, by using a black soulgem. They are not Goblins.

 That is a good solid point. And as previously stated how there is a mission in Skyrim to collect elven blood and Orcs are listed.

I am not seeing to resemblance between Orcs, Ogres and Goblins. I can see it in the Warhammer fantasy realm as expected as that is their lore. TES body shape and feature however follow the TES lore from my observation. Orcs and goblin share a similarity in skin colour which is probably down to a connection through Malacath, but body shape and proportions etc is totally different. Orcs look the same as other mer. Just a bit uglier. We also see that goblins evolved to be different in colour depending on climate and terrain. Ogres are a different colour altogther. Ogre, Orsimer and Goblins in the TES universe, I would say are three totally different species. Only they may be linked through Malacath. I would think that Reikling are of the same species as goblin. The same way we know that the Falmer, Orsimer and Dunmer are of the same species as the Elves we see in the south - Altmer, Bosmer / Khajiit and Maormer.

Going back to the point of Orcs living in Morrowind. Then I think Cheydinhall in Oblivion is a good indication of Orcs living within Dunmer influenced areas. I can't see Dunmer looking down on Orcs any more than other races. If anything they recognise them a bit better as fellow mer. Dunmer and Orsimer don't have a massive history of warring one another like the Dunmer may have with other races.

Another consideration is why the Imperial legion sent Orsimer legionaries to Morrowind. We did not see Orsimer legionaries in Cyrodiil. Maybe there was a tactical or a political reason why Orsimer legionaries were housed on Vvardenfell. Is it because other areas would not accept them so readily I wonder? Is it because Dunmer do not hold the same prejudices as say the human nations of Bretons, Nords, Redguards and Cyrodiils or the Aldmeri areas heavily influenced by Altmer?