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Pathology in Fiction" was born.

We decided to start out with one of the best fictional worlds we could find in modern media - Morrowind. In our various playthroughs we found Corprus (a disease in the game) to be a fascinating facet of the world and a very special plot catalyst.

We embarked on an in-game research journey and collected all the information we could find from various sources and wrote it up as a sort of mini-guide (both a spoiler free and full spoiler sections);We explained a bit why we think it's such an incredible world building tool that makes Vvardenfel feel so much more like a living place;And the cherry on top, we did a bit of research and we found a similar disease that exists in real life.

Link to the article: Morrowind's Corprus

Hope you enjoy the read!

P.S. We were looking for a bit of feedback. Did you find it entertaining and maybe informative? Would you like to see more content like this for other stuff in the future? (we have a few ideas in our backlog). Thanks in advance!


@markthorstormblade said:

More weapons and armor. The amount of weapons in Skyrim was half that of Morrowind. Bring back all of those useless weapons, so that players have the illusion that they have more choice, and bring new ones that can legitimately be useful. This all adds up to the game being more immersive, and an overall better RPG. 

 I agree they need to expand weapons and armor doing so just to create an illusion of choice is just poor design, and something that's already a minor problem with Skyrim. Each weapon should have it's own purpose and stand as it's own thing, don't just bring stuff back to act as filler, that's not meaningful content. Don't get me wrong cosmetic options are good but if they put in spears to the game and they just functioned like regular two-handed weapons than whats the point?

NO fast travel. Fast travel in Oblivion and Skyrim was terrible. Getting places was so easy and was not rewarded by the place. I felt like Skyrim was just “follow the quest marker” all the way through. Quest markers are fine and all, but different ways to teleport to limited locations would be better, like the different systems in Morrowind. Even wayshrines like in Online would be better than fast travel. The systems used in Morrowind made it more rewarding when you got to where you needed to be, and it allowed players to enjoy the beautiful landscape Bethesda added to the game.

 Fast Travel isn't the problem it's the lack of other alternatives that is. Fast Travel would be fine if they did things like make mounts more prevalent in the game, provide other means for transport like wagons, portals, teleportation spells, sailing. Don't take away options to travel but add more. I do think them switching up the way fast travel works though like you mentioned using wayshrines like in ESO or street signs from TW3 would be an interesting change.