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level 30 Stats Update (with soothing sound track ☺ )

So glad to hear you are enjoying your alchemy sessions Sah,

You will find many of your home brew potions to be of great benefit and far stronger than vanilla in game ones.

You can temporarily double the damage of your bow or mace with fortify potions and protect yourself from magical attacks with Resistance potions....wonderful for dragon long as you do not forget to replenish them during a long I did against Alduin a while back 😣

Well now, I have taken a completely different approach to my norm.  I am level 30 something and have yet to do Bleakfalls Barrows.....Farengar is VERY annoyed with me....which is worth it just for that, but I suppose I had better placate the grumpy sour puss before long.

Now here's a little tale.  On my way to Riften, I passed rather too close to one of those mod added bandit camps (More bandit camps).   Lots of shouting, and I took an arrow that was very very painfull...around 60% of my health gone in one hit.  So I dallied not a moment and sped to the city.  After a brief chat with Dinya in the temple I came outside to a huge ruccus.  Yes!  Some of those bandits had followed me actually into was a Marauder archer...which explained my deep wound.  Thankfully the boys of the city guard were all over them and soon quelled those beastly bandits.

Right must fly....I have a terrific fun time ahead enchanting and smithing up my gear....woo hoo!

Ciao for now




@svengineer99 said:

@Leonardo said:
I just want to know what shaders I can use in MGE-XE when having a computer like this. 
Intel i5 4430 CPU 2.7 GHz
RAM 32 Gb 1600 MHz
GeForce GTX 750Ti 2Gb GDDR5 (I wish it had SLI)
I've plenty of availble diskspace it that matters. 
I guess it depends what you define as acceptable performance.  I had an i5 4670 3.4 GHz with 750Ti with a heavily modded / hires graphics game that I was reasonably happy with.  Upgrading to a 970 GPU did not impact the performance much.  Neither did shader selection, if I recall correctly, so I just left everything maxed out.  FPS seemed mainly CPU limited.  Disabling 3/4 cores actually had the strongest negative impact, dropping FPS ~-30%.  Seems the 2nd core got used quite a bit in some capacity even with no other applications open/running in parallel.  Distant land settings and high poly count/resolution graphics mods also have a significant impact to FPS, obviously.

 I find my current specs as acceptable, because I never had such a good PC previous.  You had a slightly little better computer than me and I am not a graphics guy if you know what I mean. 

I know certain objects in Morrowind can greatly decrease FPS in-game and of course in combination with high graphics settings, so I always try to avoid doing such things e.g installing mods with too many NPC's and/or mods with too much clutter at the same time. 


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@PseronWyrd said:
@sybelius said:
Is it technologically possible to set a number of "personality traits" to a character nowadays? 
- greediness
- aggro
- interpersonal relationships
- cowardness
- sense of honor
- pride
- et cetera

if they could someway implement some kind of raw personality for every npc, with his/her own back story
Skyrim does a lot of this already.  NPCs have a pretty wide range of personality variables: Alignment, Faction, Disposition Base, Aggression (unaggressive, aggressive, very aggressive, frenzied), Confidence (cowardly, cautious, average, brave, foolhardy), Assistance (helps nobody, helps allies, helps friends and allies), Energy (how often an actor moves around), Morality (any crime, violence against enemies, property crime only, no crime). Some of these personality traits in turn govern specific situational behavior, such as the Spectator Override Package (which governs the behavior of an NPC who witnesses combat), the Observe Dead Body Override Package (which governs whether an NPC will walk over to a body and check it). 
Most, if not all, named NPCs do in fact have very defined personalities and some kind of backstory attached to them. I actually think Bethesda did pretty good with this (well, good for them, anyway) in Skyrim.  Much better, in my view, than in Oblivion.
 these are still pretty basic. It could be possible to make them much more complicated, so that if you talk to a certain npc about any matter it could be possible to generate new quests without the need to design them before! (keeping in mind he/she has friend/enemies/allies/relatives who could disagree or try to help you in your mini quest, or just try to give you an alternative solution, bringing to multiple choices and consequences that could irradiate to the npcs not directly related to your quest, creating a new atmosphere around the player)



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