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@NVN066 said:

They've clearly mentioned that you can play with the 'invasion turned off'. That must've been specially for the offline single player only fans .

 I hope so, maybe I'm paranoid. 

Nothing has been more disruptive of my gaming time than always on DRM. This is why avoided Destiny like the plague. 



@lilou2093 said:

Apparently, it seems there is not one fix for the issue. What works for one, seems to not work for all. The other thing I did was reformat the drive as well as reinstall windows and then I reloaded the NVidia drivers.

Not just for this game but I also had issues loading my steamvr home, so I decided to reformat the drive and reload windows to start fresh and now everything works. Plus it totally clears all drivers to start fresh.
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@Rabid_PeanutButter said:

These are really cool!

 Thanks man, the responses everywhere has been really nice (only a few rude people thankfully). :)

I haven't had much chance to work on my Doom & Hexen mods over the last year or so but I have just fixed some nasty bugs that were happening when people tried to play them in the latest version of GZDoom. Hopefully no one has any more troubles with them. :)

The big shock came last year a few months after releasing both mods as I originally thought that my Star Trek Doom level would be the big hit but boy was I wrong lol! QFG4-3D got featured in January on Rock, Paper Shotgun! and then if that wasn't crazy enough PC Gamer the largest gaming mag in the world decided to do a feature QFG4-3D in the number 1 spot of their top 10 downloads section! They did this in both their March US and Feb UK editions. I couldn't believe it as my stuff is a joke compared to the amazing mods they normally feature lol!! I'd been getting PC Gamer UK since I was a boy and never once did I ever think that something I'd made would end up in their magazine. Almost brought a happy tear to my eye.. almost haha. :P