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Support for Dishonored 2 Subcategories



As you've already went through all the troubleshooting in our help article, but are still experiencing the crash when launching, you should contact support to open a ticket. Please make sure to list all the troubleshooting you've done so far and include a DxDiag report. Please let us know if you have any issues with contacting support.


@futuredave said:

inverted is just reversed, people can only play that way if they intentionally learn how to play like that.

No. It's the opposite. Most people use "normal" axis because they intentionally learned that way - no matter is it natural for them or not. Just because it's  standard. If you play a third person game - you move the camera and the person separately, and the way to move a camera in real life is a stick, just like in invert settings. For some people it's only natural and the preference is strong enough that makes learning the "normal way" hard... Not imposible, but why should they? Because some people think everyone is the same?