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Fallout Subcategories


@sadishist said:

They’re only skins.

Yeah, if they make a weapon limited, then I will rage but for skins. But no rage now, for skins are ok, because any limited one guess what some one will make a similar for a pack. 


@vegna said:

Again, that's not Fallout then.

 I respectfully disagree BECAUSE you can not have a franchise like Fallout expect to stay with the "Whole 1950's sci-fi Future of Tomorrow" tag line before Bethesda "Runs Out Of Ideas" on where to take the franchise of Fallout next.....that is exactly why they introduced Settlement Building for, because they ran out of ideas....to me Settlement Building is the nexus for ending the franchise 


@nburner13188 said:

I would say Nate. Mostly because what mother is going to just leave their child. If you play as Nora you go out the door and don't even think twice about your child. That's something that a guy would do. He would run out the door to assess the situation where a mom would go to the children. If I had my way I would give an animation where if you play as Nora you get Shaun and pass him off to Nate once your in the vault. That seems more logical than the mom just running out without Shaun.

 You haven't met my mother.  She would have just moved to Goodneighbor and had a party.