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-Fallout turns 25 in 2022.  Big anniversary.
-  Fallout 4 came in 2015, 7 years after Fallout 3.  7 years after from 2015.......
Based on the above, I think I can predict with some confidence that Fallout 5 will be be released in 2022, with either the main game or a DLC in the neighborhood hood of the Anniversary.
With that context in mind, I feel like the setting should be something special.  Either a return to California or a place of special significance to the Franchise, nuclear war, etc.
 Going back to cali would be very boring and not very Fallout at all. No enemies, no rival factions, no wild mutants. Just life in the NCR heartland...
Cali was but one suggestion.  Somewhere significant.  Important to the core themes of Fallout.   

 I think Phily is a pretty good bet. It's not too far from where Bethesda is located, and (IIRC) it was mentioned in the news report in the beginning of Fallout 4 as one of the cities hit by the bombs.


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This is very interesting.
And then gunners wipe Minuteman out ? Sounds like  nonsense. 
 I wonder why this dialogue would be used, if I understood correctly she is saying that the Minuteman defeated the Institute and then they were defeated, right?

 In game files can be many things that are not actually used. Or if are used, it may not been fully intended. It might be they had some story or ploy based on it initially, when they started making story and saw it doesn't work out quite like that. MM (the weakest faction by time player  gets let on world)  beating  one of the most mythical and strongest factions - sounds going against anything game wants to build up. Every NPC - from Piper, to nick to average Joe tells that Institute are the scary Bogeymen. Some farmers beating them doesn't really work with that notion.