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Code is entered, no notice received, rage is building, need sweet Fallout release. WHEN!!!!



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Добрый день.
Играю на PS4. Второю неделю не могу зайти в Клуб творчества. Вбиваю логин и пароль, не заходит, то время истекло, то просто возвращается в раздел пользователя. Может кто подскажет что-то? 

 Это не сюда, это пиши в техподдержку. 


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@Ryker61 It is not impossible to run through the DLC without buying from the vending machines. I played through the whole DLC, never once bought anything out of the machines. If you were smart and went for the Ghost People's heads, they aren't bullet sponges.

 My only response to this comment is I was done with this thread a month ago.


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 Say a normal ghoul is trying to prolong his mental health and not turn feral, how should he go about doing it? Avoid radiation? Eat fresh fruits and veg? Maybe surgery?
 Avoiding radiation is the only clear cut way. How much they need to eat/drink has been debated in the games.
 But what about Jason Bright, as a glowing one he emits radiation and still isn't feral
 So far we have Jason Bright, Oswald and Hank from FO2 as being the only intelligent glowing ones in all the games so it shows how rare it is for them to survive like that. 
From what we see in Nuka World people have seen ghouls eventually go feral and believed it was only a matter of time. Whether that is always the case for every ghoul? good question
 Well either way, despite eventually turning feral they still have longer sapient life span than humans right?

 Well we don't actually know the lifespan of someone who is ghoulified as people prewar who were turned into them are still alive and active 210 years later


@Riuken I will be redesigning this room (because I was n00b when i started :P) , but i.e. this was one temp solutions I did so my character didn't have to run about  - same with cooking stuff nearby, i never spent too much time in this room, as I spend more time in Shauns room  with  Shaun ...  so whatever you imagine  would beat my temporary solutions *smirks*