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And before moderators get confused 
 You're too late. I've been confused about everything for years now.  😄

 So you wouldn't think that us, the Institute players, are always mean, here's you secret weapon against confusion! Sssh, don't tell Railroad! Super secret link


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TUN: The Shandification of Fallout
Ha!  Trastram Shandy is one of my all-time favorite novels. I swear I must have read it over ten times by now.  I even have it on audiobook. Thank you for the link, I enjoyed watching that.  
EDIT: I really had to laugh, though, when he said: "I never put in the frankly embarrassing number of hours I put into New Vegas," and the screen showed a mere "163 hours played."  Sorry, MrBtongue, but that is not enough time to be embarrassed.  Not by a long shot, not in a game in which some of us have spent thousands of hours.  Heck, I've probably spent more than 163 hours in the character creation screen, lol.  


I was thinking the same thing;

embarrassing number of hours

163 hours played


(I have over 1000 hours in FNV alone)