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There should be something in place to prevent duplicates...

You see, they have a duplicate prevention system, it's used for recipes and theme fragments. They know how to do that.


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I hate the intro in vault 101 simply because it takes too long. If I'm starting a character, I want to get into the world as quickly as possible. Skyrim and Oblivion is guilty of this. Morrowind actually does it right. FNV starts a game quicker than most of Bethesda's games.

 At least in Oblivion we can make a save just before the sewer exit though, and use this save to create future characters while skipping the tutorial. As we exit the sewer in this game it gives us the option to edit our character and their class and race. Can't do this in Skyrim. I"m not sure if it works in Fallout 3 or not? 


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Due to the setting I've noticed a lot of people like to RP as the ranger with the big iron on his hip cowboy type (I've also done a couple of characters like that)
I've recently started RPing a female native american tribal type of character.  She wears no armour, doesn't use any type of modern fire arms, the fist of the north rawr, the knife spear and throwing knife spears are her main weapons of choice, while her firearms are the medicine stick and the ratslayer.
Manowar - Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee

Anyone else got a favourite character to share?

 Don't have one.  No reason to.  FNV doesn't have any RP opportunities unless you want to completely ignore the entire storyline, all the environment and never do any of the DLCs.


In From The Fog: A Far Harbor Roleplay (IC Thread)shone dimly through a curtained window, revealing a plainly furnished room, nothing to write home about, but reasonably clean...and for the first time in over two months, on dry land. He swung his haversack off his shoulder onto the bed, placing his new-to-him jeans next to it. He then settled into a arm chair along the outside wall and after placing his beer on the small end-table next to it, removed his boots. He then stood and removed his whiskey soaked trousers and hung them on the hook of a old hatrack by the door. He then settled back into the chair, now in his skivvies, and took a long pull on his beer. He planned to go back down to the bar in a bit, but for the moment he was enjoying the solitude of being alone in a room for the first time in a long time. 

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