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@Antagonistic said:

I highly recommend being connected to your wi-fi if/when you download it.

 OK. Thank you


@RhinoL3 said:

I agree on the doomed part, but just BOS and out casts made a break between them perhaps the same can be done by the Legion. Im wanting to put a mod together on scouting parties reaching the Commonwealth and potentially have them trying to make allys with some of the minor factions and gangs until they bring larger numbers in. You could even say that the Legion could be a Wasteland virus or plague even. I really want to see the factions and creatures brought into the Common Wealth. 

 They are on the other side of the states. It's a very long way from Boston. With the manpower lost with the NCR war they don't have a reaon or ability to get to the East coast in force.


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