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I have come to realize that trophies are just kind of an added bonus
 It's really just my xbox score is so low when you compare it to others I don't mind not having achievements but it looks so sad when you're less than a thousand and you've been on xbox since October. 

 The only achievement i've got left is in Nuka World and you have to get 100,000 tickets at the Nuka Cade. I'm at 12,000. I gave up after a while at the shooting range.


@nicklee said:

Actually you are kinda wrong.Vancouver and areas around the coast are quite urbanized

There are two coasts, can you be more specific?  And anyways, the Canadian version of "urbanization" is not nearly to the extent as any one single major American city.  Toronto and its GTA as we know it in this universe might come close with respect to density and size, but its immediate surroundings are lake(s) and farmland.  Montreal is probably in good competition with it being very old, compared to cities on the US eastern seaboard, but in terms of density, and size?  Not really.  Things are pretty modest here, in comparison.  At most I could imagine something small scale with some tribes or something, like the NV DLC.  There's simply not as much history to draw from.

Vancouver and the lower mainland are the major urban areas of that entire province.  The rest are smaller cities/towns and lots of trees and mountains and some wine country.  Vancouver is also quite "new" in terms of the historical timeline of the country.  Compared to an historical heavyweight like Boston, Vancouver would have very little to offer in terms of that sort of depth.  Plus, when the San Andreas decides to shift, Vancouver's going underwater -- I don't imagine it would survive a nuclear annihilation all that well.

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