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@leburns said:

even a PC that can effectively use a VR?

 The minimum requirements for the Oculus Rift are :

Nvidia 960 or greaterIntel i3-6100 / AMD FX4350 or greater8GB+ RAM

Gradually more and more of the PCs used in real life will fall under the VR ready category. There are many cool VR games/experiences that are less demanding than some present day flat AAA games.

@kyra said:

 If the VR tech would not cost as much

 It is not that expensive... If you own a PS4 the PSVR set costs about 300 euro. 

If you want to buy a Rift + a PC that can run it you can do that for about $900 total - the same as or less than an iPhone or a high-end Android phone. 

A good monitor can cost more than the Rift or PSVR. 

The prices for VR hardware can look high at first, but within their product range they are very reasonable. 

@leburns said:

… without puking?

 The simulation sickness problem is greatly exaggerated: 

1. Many people do not experience it at all. Since those who do are more likely to complain there is feeling that this a problem for more people than it actually is. 

2. There is such a thing as "VR legs". When I started playing Skyrim with a VR driver 2 years ago I couldn't last more that 2-3 minutes and got headache. Now I can handle all kinds of movements in VR  with no problems. It takes some time to get used to the new things. I believe with the younger people this will be way faster and easier. 

3. The reasons some people suffer motion sickness in VR are well known (acceleration, deceleration, forced movement and so on) and there are options that many devs add to their games to prevent it. Many games have options that allow everybody to play them without getting motion sickness.

@kyra said:

and not be as uncomfortable

It is like getting used to new shoes ... if you have never had shoes before. Or getting used to wearing glasses. Yesterday I played SkyrimVr for about 7 hours. I usually take 5 min of break every half an hour, but it is mostly because of the heat that accumulates in the headset.  I haven't used other HMDs for longer, but the Vive and the VivePro are reasonably comfortable for longer sessions. 

@kyra said:

It is not cost effective, and its more of a challenge than huge profit.


I'm pretty sure for Bethesda the VR ports were very effective. They were sold at a full price (60 euro) and the amount of man-hours is drastically less than in creating the games themselves. It is also a mid to long term investment - in the next few years most of the people who will buy a VR set will also get SkyrimVR and FO4VR. The VR additions to the game are done with a lot of INI settings that will allow them to be relevant with the future generations of VR hardware. I expect this way of doing things - releasing a payed VR port some time after game launch to continue as it makes most economic sense and I personally don't mind that because the difference in the experience is big enough.