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@Rexx said:

Re: [Release date](don't hold your breath)

Doesn't really give us anything substantial, but this interview pretty much eliminates a 2019 release for Starfield.    Eurogamer - Pete Hines
Personally I remain hopeful for a 2020 release date, but 2021 is probably just as likely.  Fallout -76 will be whatever it is,  but with that release date fast approaching most of BGS Maryland should be hard at work on the next game.  I guess I'm a bit dismayed that BGS has been hiring more developers and absorbing more studios for the purposes of infilling the spaces between their major game series with "experiments", rather than platooning teams to lessen gaps between their major title releases.  
They've been working on Starfield since 2013, with actual development beginning in 2015 following the release of Fallout 4.  Here we are 3 years after that and we're still looking at 2-3 years away?  I'm OK with a 7-8 year dev cycle in this instance, they are building from the ground up basically, but there is going to be some mighty high expectations!  As for ES-VI, no one can really be happy that it's 2023 or later before we see it. 


That is a Eurogamer interview though. US would probably see a release before Europe. Not sure, but the US is probably the largest market (unless it's China now?). We probably won't hear anything again til they're ready to release, but I'm hopeful they'll say something at one of the PAXes. Edit: Also, I haven't kept up with next-gen release dates - so they may have to wait on Microsoft or Sony if they don't release to PC first.