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@nastified said:
The card is designed to punish players who refuse to trade... And it works. Why don't you just run three of the 2 cost bows and lolpro your way to legend?
 By that logic undying dragon would be fine with 30/30 immune to damage, ignore guards and cant be shackled because after all it can be silenced.
There's more than enough crowd control in TESL as it is. In fact, I dare say it's part of the problem. But to your straw man argument: we already have cards (in purple and yellow, hint hint) that are immune to damage. Try playing those? 

True. But in general I hate cards who demand an immediate answer or you lose like the 4/4 legend pilfer / drain gaining +4/+4


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Okay, thanks. I have used a guard heavy deck and the aforementioned mirror deck. Mirror doesn't work because the opponent always has the right card  because of the thirty card deck. So what you suggest is something of a hybrid. Don't know that I have tried that, since most of my efforts have gone towards tweaking a few cards here and there and hoping for a perfect draw order. I will try it and let you know. Thanks, again!!

If it doesn't work, I'll look more into what I used. 

P.S. It auto corrected the heck out of me. I meant flesh Atromach OTK 


@tyrion1978 said:

I like the colors/attributes that make up Tribunal, so intelligence, endurance and willpower.

I have two deck variations that I'd like your opinion on:
Dragon deck

And more generic:

I've had some really good fights with both decks and am not doing poorly even when I lose, but my win ratio isn't nearly  constant enough to make any real progress.
Neither is meant to be a deck that relies on combo's, so I think them being 75 cards should be fine. Since there are not that many cheap-cost cards, I do run the risk of getting some damage early on, but it levels out at about round 4-5 usually, so I'm okay with that.
I just seem to miss something that makes it really powerful.
Any pointers?

Take all three fire breath out of both decks. That is quite literally one of the worst cards in the game. The first use is fireball raised by a full two mana, the second is a lightning bolt sans prophecy. There are other problems, but I won't break it all down.

In the first deck, replace it with either reflective automatons, or fireball. Actually, take out one Dragon Priest mask, and put in two fireballs, and two reflective automatons. The second deck is better. I would just replace the fire breaths with fireball. The snowhawks are also terrible, replace them with hive defenders.