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@senzafine said:

I envy you growing up in a household where you had musical influences - mine was almost completely music free apart what appeared on the TV and my parents were very scathing of popular music in general. They didn't even listen to classical. I only really broke free of their disapproval when I was about 17 and really started getting into music, from there things kind of exploded, turning into a real and undying passion.

Well  music is important to my country ...  we even gained independence trough ... singing. We even do those kinds of festivals for punk and rock songs :D I'd say we are born music in our veins instead blood. Except me. I was born caffeine in my veins instead.

Oh and headphones are a must.

... *tabs back to doodle*


@kluader1 said:

Where is the complaint section? I would like to complaint about a person from the staff. Thank you.

This might have something in there 

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