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@obsyourmom said:

@ThreeFragsLeft said:
 It's already been done, it was called Quake Live and it was never really that popular.
 That's because it had already been done, it was called Quake 3 and by 2007 it had been played out.


That too!


an ongoing thread here for loading screen issues. Since there is already a discussion on this issue, we are closing this thread.


@beinbliss said:


Please add CTF mode 5v5. Add quake2 CTF awesome maps (q2ctf1-8). Make grapple available for all champions in CTF mode (or it can be alternative mode with abilities off and grapples ON, just like in quake2). It would be so much fun.
Grapples would bring so much fun.

 CTF will be here soon my good man, i've been waiting since CBT1 but unfortunately we can only hope for 5v5.

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