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@skydome12 said:

 LMAO there were endless post about the need for bots lol.

 Yea they were mostly asking for bots in the training mode, or practice mode, or for offline mode. I dont think that many people ever posted asking to put bots into the online games. Who actually thinks to themselves, yea i want to play an online bot, over the internt, with ping, instead of real people. like nobody ever.

And people asked for a way to insta-join servers, or see people ingame and join to them etc - asking this mostly because its so long or impossible to que into a match.

But they dont try to fix that properly, instead they think patchwork bandaid soloutions like filling onling games up with bots. They always seem to take the easy simple and inevitable bad descision, or is it just me that notice this?



The same for everyone else in this thread. Check the solutions above, starting from "Disable "Hardware NAT"" in your router.

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