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@supermario77 said:

Until you offer good old create server options and offline support I will never ever spend money on any crap you're selling in the store.

 Agree on that. 

@supermario77 said:

Not only that, but I'll also tell everyone I know about Lawbreakers and the useful conclusions we can draw from its demise. 

Don't you think that's a bit UNFAIR ?  I mean sure, always online is [censored] but you can't compare Nexon / Boss Key with Bethesda / id. Not by a long shot. Never. You can protest, but it's not OK to deliberately only propagate negative info. 

The game is GREAT, the "always online" model is the ONLY crap part (at least for me). If you only tell people the part that you're upset about you're actually hurting the game. Maybe some people don't even care about the fact that it's always online, no matter how much we detest it. 

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