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@llsithisll said:

@Edfitz1 I'm already using Vivid Weathers so I set clear when I'm building... But I don't want clear weather all the time.
@kyra I didn't know this mod and it seems a bit complicate to use, but thanks! At first I'll try it on a new save becaus I have many mods for weather, sky, roads... then if it do what I seek I'll use it on my main save.

 Hi, I know exactly what you mean, but thought I'd throw it out there.


@bettyb00p said:

I would love it if you could just get rid of all of the Legendary items and go back to the origonal format of limited armor and weopons after all this is the apocaclypse, the only things I would like to change are some of the clothing options especially for balistic fibre. Yes I know that all you have to do is play and not use them but human nature takes over, just loose them.

 I understand what you're saying on the legendary items, it does make some of the ones that you can get from vendors and quest-related rewards seem underwhelming. But removing them all together is very unlikely to happen, and even then that's more of a game mechanic issue not Creation Club.


@jellofish777 said:

@rhenim said:
Timescales aren't good for consoles as the system has no way of going back to the normal time.
Pretty sure mine has changed every time I've switched but if its risky than heed the warnings I guess, what do I know I'm just a player not modder.

 You could of just told me I was wrong instead of being sarcastic. 


@3lric said:

 That was me, and I'm still working some other things out right now as I bought a house and am moving.Please don't post questions in this specific thread unless it's related to STC. Thank you. It would be easier to PM me about something like that 

 I wasn't sure if you would want a PM over it, so I just looked for a thread of yours. Sorry, I'll try to remember next time when I think about asking about it.

Oh and congrats on the house.