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@gavilan2-0 said:

@kyra said:
I have no dance mods :O
 I use it because it increase my immersion. 😁

 There were funny danses for New Vegas, but the ones for FO4 are plain stupid in my eyes. I know one shouldn't judge job what others do, but FO4 dances looks still stupid. 


@gavilan2-0 said:

1.Tell me the first thing you think of when I say: Dog. Cloud. Airplane. 2.Listen carefully. This statement is a lie. Am I telling the truth?3.Compose a poem for me.

X6 I know would  instead ask you "what is purpose of all this, sir?"


@kimmera said:

Add to that that Curie is a robot intelligence transplanted into the mind and body of a Synth. And yet the Institute considers Synths 'merely machines'

 This thread is not to judge Institute. The other thread is for that.  Those threads are meant to be positive corners to those, who side with their factions.