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@kyra is back with photo realistic screenshots :-)
Meanwhile in my unmodded game - A new character: With Piper and Deacon (We haven't met Deacon yet.)

(That hat gives two points of endurance - He needs them.)

 This morning messed with lighting and issues and I think I spent like 2 hours mod testing, 1 hour lighting testing 30 minutes screenshoting and  15 minutes playing. I will never get to Nuka world this rate !  


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Also it is still unclear who started the Great War.
 China did.  Terminals in the switchboard show intel picked up a china release first. 
IIRC terminals in the glowing sea at the warhead storage back this up.   Something about incoming targets suddenly broke up into several contacts, a sign of MIRV based nuke use.  
Father not shaun is so far in the realm of improbable its not funny lol.    It requires too much to setup.   Too many people refer to shaun and father interchangeably in the institute.   A "prank" of this kind would be hard to coordinate effectively.  
We can  assume high leadership would be involved in this.  When every one from director down to basic institute tech is on the shaun/father line bits it would have to be this way.  Father would never get this consensus.   Dr. Ayo and Li right off the bat strike me as saying man...I ain't playing this game.  We got too many things brewing to be playing games with a person on ice in a vault at this time.  
 I re-read the swtichboard terminal entries for another thread here (in the lore section I think) and could not find any such reference. The switchboard entries were with respect to trying to convince PAM that the threat was higher than she assessed. They did not manage to do so until shortly after the Anchorage victory and even then only after an implied considerable amount reprogramming (despite the US being in a hot war with China, P.A.M. was switched off for most or all of it and only switched on when they thought her ready to give the answer they wanted). The warheads stored in the glowing sea were actually intended as fuel for the mars mission, so it seems strange that there would be any such reference there. Again, can you cite anything other than your own memories?
I agree with you regarding Shaun and Father. Playing devil's advocate, though, we do know that human brains can also be reprogrammed (we know this from the way Brainbots are made) and therefore, in theory, the entire population of the Institute could be thus brainwashed for all we know. However, there is no actual evidence thereof, and since such reprogramming tends to break down over time and we have seen no evidence thereof it remains completely implausible.
 I believe hidden-markov is referring to the DEFCON Status 2077 teminal entry here.
It certainly suggests to me that the US were responding to what they believed to be a Chinese first strike.

 No it doesn't. As I replied in the thread in the lore section, DEFCON 1 is 'Nuclear War is imminent.' If the Chinese had launched, it would be beyond DEFCON 1, a hypothetical DEFCON 0. DEFCON 3 (as referenced in that entry) is only 'Airforce is on standby.' The entry refers to the DEFCON being raised after the Anchorage victory, which would have been from DEFCON 2 (full mobilization of conventional forces) to 3. And if you read the former entries, P.A.M. was consistently rejecting false data and shutting down when they tried to feed it to her. It is very clear that they considered her broken since she wasn't giving the answers they wanted, and kept adjusting her until she did. We should really be continuing this in that other thread though. It is off topic here.  



Excellent. \0/

As for damage output, I never had any issues tweaking that with JM. Except when I was stubbornly determined to get Brutality to work with it. That always ended poorly (conflicting perk chart changes among other things). For a while I used Survival Options' damage multiplier settings to set everything to 1x for a baseline (so that the damage shown in the pip-boy was true), then layered Better Vanilla Weapons on top (BVW displays damage properly in the pip-boy -- the base game doesn't display multipliers, but does display direct changes to individual weapon damage ratings), but found that the mod-added weapons I was using almost exclusively were immediately outclassed by garbage like pipe pistols (JM has tons of custom weapons). Eventually I settled on Madness, even though it was redundant with Survival Options. I just ended up using SurvOpts for the survival save items and needs tweaks (to line up better with a slower timescale setting).

I was worried that my posts to you would come across as too negative, but even with a corrupted save (that's a crazy f.cking coincidence!), you're sticking with it. Champion!

[demonbreather liked that +15]

With AI, I never noticed any issues running Settler Sandbox + Search and Destroy for example. Just try to stick to one settler AI package mod and one enemy one, and you should probably be fine. Or one that handles all NPCs game-wide, but I don't recall one that wasn't also incredibly invasive in other ways, thus increasing conflict potential in other areas of the game.

[EDIT: I tried a handful of follower AI tweaks but always ended up disgusted with them. JM includes a 'Set Follower Distance' interaction option (tied to the X button I believe, after taking rank 1 of Inspirational or something... I forget. Spend some time getting to know the new perk chart) that ended up being all I really needed, to be honest. Piper, kindly back the f.ck up, thank you.]