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Its just set to "More divine Amulets of the NIne divines" right now.  But I've got some other ideas.
Sounds good.  I hope you will be uploading it for everyone in the community.   PS4, Xbox and PC.  
Keep up the good work! 👊

 thanks! I will when im confident i wont have to do a billion updates when testing 😄


This problem is discussed in this video, and is caused apparently by an old Windows 8 update known as kb3000850. The YouTube page I just linked to discusses this, and also a variety of other websites mention this update. It is possible to get rid of this update and the problem will go away. Problem is, if you're like me and you've been updating for years now, there will be a zillion updates on your system! I began getting rid of a bunch of them, but not only is this time-consuming, it is also impossible to get rid of some updates which are newer than kb3000850. Some updates seem as though they are hardcoded, or something. And I'm not sure it's really a good idea to be deleting updates in the first place, unless you don't have anything newer than kb3000850. 

I have not found the final solution yet, maybe some of you have. Some people have had luck running the GECK as an Administrator, in Compatibility mode for Windows 7 (right-click on the GECK.exe, go into the Compatibility tab, and follow the prompts until you are running the GECK as Windows 7), but this did not work for me.

Everything in those windows (the Topics and Conditions windows in the GECK) seem like they are missing, but the info is still there. It all gets squished over to the left, though. To "solve" this, I have been following the advice of some other gamers, who have also gotten stuck. Just highlight the upper-left corner of the window with the missing info, until a symbol like this shows up. 

Now grab with your left mouse button, and drag the page over to the right. it's a pain in the *** but it works. 

This video shows what I am talking about. It is not a true solution, but it is good as it gets, unless someone out there has some other ideas? 

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