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@Raichan said:

Float property lastHarvestedDay

 This is wrong. It should be 

Float lastHarvestedDay.

When I pasted the script into this site it was butchered.  It actually deleted that properly.  It did it again just now. I tried pasting from VS Code and the code editor in the game. In both cases the code was mashed. It did the same thing when I tried to paste it into windows notepad.

I think I have everything put back the way it is supposed to be.

Post #

It is only the code.  Try that out and get back to me.

I added some messages that I want you to test on Xbox to see if they display.


@chickenfingers69 said:

Ok so I have been working on a mod for fallout 4 for Months now, I am not willing to restart or anything like that. So the problem is that I made an error with the landscape or height mapping. One day my land was hills and the next thing I know My buildings were floating and the land had sunken below the normal landscape height and became flat. I cant press the undo button to change it. Any suggestions?

If you have an original copy of the height map, use that to regain the landscape, otherwise there might be something that you can do in xEdit? The CK also makes backups of your plugins in the backups folder in the Fallout 4 directory so you might have to jump back a bit of work if there is a backup in there you can use. Just rename the file(s) in there to .esp or .esm if it was a master file.

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